1/ Who is the developer of the Eggsbook Game?

EggsBook Game was developed by Dapps Technology Ltd, a UK-based blockchain technology application development company. The mission of Dapps Technology Ltd is to bring the practical applications of blockchain into everyday life, and make it easier for people to access blockchain. The company's office address is: 15 Wren Court New Road, Langley, Slough, England, SL3 8JL.

2/ Where can I check the publisher information of the game?

Dapps Technology ltd is a developer and publisher of Eggsbook Game. In each country, Eggsbook Game will be distributed through the local Publishing Agency.


3/ What is M.O.B.? I want to join the M.O.B. force of the company, what to do?

Game market development force also known as M.O.B. (Mass Organizational Builder), is key forces for game development during the beginning stage at every country. To be able to join our M.O.B. you need to register, qualify recruitment requirements, meet KPIs set out each day, and report to your local Game Publishing Agency.

Application information: MOB

4/ What is Agency? How can I become an Agency of the company?

The Agency is the national Eggsbook Game Publisher. To become an Agency, you must complete the registration procedures directly with the Game Administrator. Also meet the standards set by the administration, such as (including but not limited to): Responsible for monthly sales and ensuring monthly number of players. The number of Agency in each country is limited, depending on the development conditions of that country. In addition to the sales reward, the Agency also gets additional support in development funding.

Application information: Agency


5/ What is Eggsbook game?

EggsBook is a decentralized game featuring virtual fish farming. The game is developed according to the POP protocol of ERC20 Blockchain. With the purpose of not only providing an enjoyable game experience, EggsBook Game is a great way to learn, practice and earn extra income.

6/ What is POP protocol? What is it role in Eggsbook?

POP (Proof of Play): The algorithms of this protocol allow game players to create and then validate new blocks. This way, during user entertainment, they also share processing resources on their devices. In order to do this, the PoP protocol needs games that can record all the "activities" of users on the blockchain and allow them to create and validate at any time, in order to satisfy network conditions of blockchain.

7/ Is this an adventure game or a strategy game or a puzzle game?

Eggsbook is a simulation game of virtual fish farming, a type of casual game.

8/ Who is the game suitable for?

Eggsbook Game is suitable for players aged 12 years and more.
In addition, the in-game features such as: financial education and income generation, suitable for all subjects in need.


9 / How do I start playing game?

You can start playing the game with the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the website game, to create user account.

Step 2: a. Buy on an exchange
b. Buy via P2P

Step 3: Activate gaming license by activating an egg.

Congratulations, you can now start enjoying the game.

10 / Where can I see the game guide?

The game tutorial will be introduced when you are just starting out. You can review that tutorial in the in-game [Help} section.

11/ How long does it take for an egg to become a fish?

Provided that your fishes are fed and activated at the right time:
- After being activated, an egg takes 3 to 10 days to hatch into a baby fish
- The baby fish will take 10 to 15 days to grow to a larger fish
- Large fish will take 15 to 20 days to become a livebearer
- A livebearer will take 10 to 20 days to lay 1 to 2 eggs (random rate)
- Then the fish can be kept growing by 4 higher levels, at each level, the fish will be able to produce more eggs.

For more in-depth details on all level and species of fish, please visit Eggsbook Game website.

12/ Can I play the game offline?

No you cannot. Eggsbook is essentially a decentralized game on blockchain platform, so you need to be connected to the internet to be able to play the game.


13/ Why do I have to activate an egg to play the game?

Like all games or software, to be able to use all game features, you must activate game license. Which will be activated when you activate an egg.

Unlike the license of other games, Eggsbook license also offer the following benefits:

a. Protects against 51% Attack on blockchain.
b. Support game development team
c. Open all the features of the game, including the feature of earning income for players

14/ I don't have EBP, can I play the game?

In case you don't have EBP, we provide Swap/Exchange solution from USDT to EBP in the game, so that you can activate your gaming license.

When you have not activated game license, you will still be able to enjoy some of the game's free features.

15/ If I do not buy an eggs, can I still play the game?

Purchase and then activate an egg is a way to confirm a player's gaming license.

In the event that you have not activated game license, you still be able to enjoy some of the game's free features. However, the core features of the game such as education, spawning new eggs, buying /selling eggs, and earning income are only activated after you activate an egg.


16/ What are currencies used in the game?

- Gold: is an in-game currency, that can be used to buy common in-game items

- EUSD: is an in-game currency, can be used to buy eggs, as well as buy/sell premium items. EUSD is also used as a reference system on the value of other currencies in the game

- EBP - Eggsbook POP Token is a digital currency built on the ERC-20 platform. EBP can be used to buy eggs or exchange for EUSD

17/ How to make money from eggs and fish?

If you farm your fishes long enough, your fish can help you earn the revenue in the following ways:
- Lay more eggs: You can hatch those eggs into fishes; those fishes can lay more eggs; and then you can trade those eggs to earn more income.
- Fish with special skills: There are a number of fish types that capable of generating in-game money, such as: “mining" fish, raiding fish, saving fish, etc. - Trade fish and eggs on regulated item exchanges or P2P exchange: if you are lucky enough to hatch a rare fish with special skills, you can sell it on this exchange.

18/ Is there buy/shell in the game? Do I need to spend money playing this game?

Same as most games, you purchase game license to play the game, by purchasing g and activating an egg. Then you officially have the right to enjoy all the features of the game, including the buy/sell feature. This feature makes it possible (including but not limited to):

a. Buy/sell items.
b. Buy/sell game characters.
c. Buy/sell eggs.

You can spend the currencies in game such as:
a. Gold (the reward for completing the quests).
b. USDE and EBP are in-game digital currencies (obtained when buy/sell items and characters to other players).

This buy/sell feature allows you to own rare items or characters, and create a source of income when you trade those items or characters.


19/ Is the game available in my languages?

We aim to translate game languages ​​into almost all major languages ​​in the world. During this beginning stage, we already have the following languages: English, Korean, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

20/ Which operating systems the game is played on?

The development direction of EggsBook Game is that it can be played on multiple platforms such as PC, Mac, IOS and Android. Currently, you can play the game Eggsbook through a web browser on every device.

We will keep updated information on the development of these application platforms, on the social networking sites and official website of EggsBook Game.

21/ Can I download games on CHPlay or iOS?

Currently, you can play games on web browsers in every operating system.

The launch of a standalone downloadable app that will be updated on Eggsbook's website and Eggsbook social network.