Activate the egg to start raising your feed.

Collecting new fish and earning reward each day.

Petting your fish to lay new rare fishes.

Play fish hunting and fish shooting with millions of player around the world.

Activating a super – speed racing track to win huge rewards.

Mining Fish can generate much more profit.

If you love pets and enjoy casual games. Eggsbook is a perfect choice. Where you can petting your fish and grow them bigger.

Let’s watch the development of your little fish, take care of it everyday, and feed different types of food, so that your little fish can grow up quickly.

Raiding ! Raiding ! Experiencing the thrill of making a successful raiding. Don’t get caught and remember to protect your fish and your food stockage !

Becoming a talented trainer, conqueror, and fighter with talented players around the world.

Generating profit from your little mining fishes, to activate better fish, and expand your farm quickly.

Join our fish farming and learn how best to fart your fish – completely free!

Every digital item is payable , exchangeable, and profitable for you.

Play fish farming is an art. The farmer is an artist. Make smart choices for your fish to grow up healthy.

Every digital item is payable, exchangeable, and profitable for you

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The game simulates investing and trading through the development of a small fish farm. It is recommended that the player understands the game policies and rules. Developer is not responsible for (including but not limited to): (1) Loss of account due to loss of username and password. (2) Fish died from not being fed at the right time. (3) Failure to follow the guidance in the game policy and instructions. (4) Loss due to P2P transactions using unofficial channels. (5) Token value fluctuates by market, etc.
The player understands that the purchase of the game license by means of egg activation is a voluntary act according to the player's need and not influenced by the developer.